Spamity spam!

Posted on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 19:13

The spambots are out in force this week, I haven’t had so much as a retweet in a couple of days— well I’ve not posted much since I’m designing a book cover and doing a bucket of research for ‘Ironmaster‘ — when suddenly, completely out of the blue I got some comment spam.

Now this was weird spam, even by the spambots normal criteria it was odd. I can only assume it was a test spam to see if it could get posted, it claimed to be from Google, and that they had found a number of web pages similar to my story ‘First-Shadow’ that they thought I might like to link to. The rest of the email was nonsense, dead links and random words- that look so odd that I suspect they are for machine readable checking if the spam posted. So I’m not going to post any of it directly, just in case…

Normally the spam I delete is a little more tailored to the content than this, or makes instant sense in the ‘you buy product? Buy here!’ kind of way, but this is a new one on me? Google certainly aren’t admitting to it 🙂

Has anyone else seen this one? Have you allowed the post and had a list of links added or anything?