Bloody Vikings!

Posted on Friday, October 12th, 2012 at 19:26

Bloody Vikings!
 After weeks of spam free operation I have finally attracted a Spambot! And what did the Pythonesque Viking want to sell? A Health app for IPad. Really? With all the amazing weird content on this site the bot went straight for An0ma1y and commented how much better I’d feel if I downloaded a health app for my (non-existent) iPad.

Grrr. Bloody Vikings coming here with their spam and their pillaging, and taunting me with their expensive Mac tablet software.

Bacon wings

And a side order of Bacon wings

So I had the dogs drag that rotted spam and electronic corpse to the backyard and made a blood-flying-pig (like a blood eagle only spammier) from his cybernetic corpse. He shall spam no more.

Meanwhile in my own Spiced Ham vein. Buy my book! Or at least download the free taster and tell me why you won’t be buying it. I’ll only get better with feedback 😉