Posted on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at 14:38

Hi all, me and the family are quitting Liverpool for a week to drive and sail up to the Hebridean Island of Mull, where we will be meeting some friends, and generally taking it easy.

While on Mull I probably won’t have the interwebs, which means no blogging, no twitter and no working on Ironmaster. So I’ll pretty much be AFK (away from Keyboard if your not TLA compatible). Although, there may be some tumblr automation and queue so there’ll probably be a little action on the site.

I am taking my laptop, (but am not imagining a connection) so if I want to work it will have to be on preparation of the Paperback (Lulu) editions of ‘Cu1ture B0mb’ and ‘Chronoclysm’. Tidying the manuscripts and converting to a standard print size, etc. So if all goes well, I might have another couple of books to sell after Easter.

Although, another option is that I might start planning my next book (book 1 of a new book series- the first of which is provisionally titled ‘Nomad’). If I get any planning done I might post it here.

an old Typewriter.

Okay, my laptop isn’t quite this old, but without the Internet it has much the same functionality.

It is possible that I might post a little something about Mull when I get back, and the kids are back in school, around the 22nd April. Until then have fun and have a read around the site. Comments will be enabled, but without me to approve I’m afraid you spammers will be wasting your time (I hardly ever get non-spam comments).

If you really want to blow my mind, and make my Easter, go read one of my stories/articles or buy one of my books, and leave me a comment that is actually relevant to that product/article/post, and not about shoes, hats,handbags, perfume or cheap watches (I’m not sure why the spammers think an indie sci-fi author’s blog is the ideal place to sell this stuff), but we both know you won’t.

If I don’t “see” you have a great Spring festival season, and may the Ostara hare leave you the nice chocolate eggs and not those tiny ones he left me last year that looked like coffee beans and tasted worse. Have fun!