Shameless Self-Promotion

Posted on Monday, August 31st, 2015 at 14:25

Look, what’s the point of us Indie Authors trying to write thought-provoking books if people never read them?

Basically my sales are terrible at the moment,  I’m even having trouble giving stuff away… (An0ma1y is finally free on Amazon, but hasn’t seen a rise in sales at all!)  Partly this happened because my kids are home during the summer and I can’t put in the hours on social media that self-promotion really requires (at least not while actually writing as well), but I’ve heard other complaints of falling sales this year, so it might not just be that.

Anyway this brings me to the shameless self-promotion bit…

The Paradox War

The Paradox War books available everywhere

And with the first part free in Ebook format!

My first trilogy, a time-travel novel sequence unlike any other. Is it fantasy, is it science-fiction? It’s definitely funny, packed full of jokes, satire and wit. And is a complete story in a way that very few other tales can say.

The paperback Omnibus is the definitive version, with an additional 2 short-stories between the main books.  (Available from Lulu, or any other online bookstores).

You can even read Book 1 “An0ma1y” in ebook format completely free! (Available free from Lulu, iBookstore, Kobostore, Barnes & Noble and Amazon).

An0ma1y cover

Now a free ebook

Maybe time-travel is a little too high concept for you, then perhaps you’d appreciate a little action adventure with a Steampunk twist?

Ironmaster & Other Tales

Ironmaster and other tales spine text

An advert for Ironmaster & Other Tales

A little Ironmaster Advert

Full of fun and imaginative, but deep and relatable, characters like Ken Hoxton: a London Policeman with a very interesting past, and more interesting future.

Steampunk technology, fairy magic, and the art of alchemy combine to create a universe of flying ships, rocket ninjas, Swiss mercenaries, cogsuited criminals, and a cauldron-born slave caste that are just earning their freedom.

You can read some of the early stories free on and see if you like them (although the best stories come much later on).

For the rest of you who already want to read it, check out the huge paperback or ebook edition on, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

Or if you just want to show some support, but have already read everything, then review my books, share links to them, or to my blog, my facebook page, my tumblr, or even my twitter feed and let people who might like them find them and me.

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