General Update 5/9/19

Posted on Thursday, September 5th, 2019 at 14:13

So I’ve let this blog slide over the last year, earlier in the year the host I was with migrated it to new servers and since that time it just hasn’t worked as well as it used to.

What I imagine the inside of cyberspace looks like on my server

Plugins that used to run great have been erratic, so systems that used to copy my Tumblr feed across to the site failed, and I couldn’t get them to work again. The site shrugs off data requests from most APIs too, so other systems like ITTT fail regularly too.

In short, poor technology has limited what the site was capable of. However, all is not lost, I have been working on a solution (writing code and not stories like the bad old days before I was an author) as well as considering migrating to an AWS cloud for hosting — although that costs way more money than I’m used to stumping up for hosting.

That said, I’m developing alone, and trying to replace the functionality of a number of plugins with a single lite plugin designed to do all that and some other stuff. So it has and is slow going.

The first Seal e-Book Cover
The First Seal E-book cover

When done however the site should become not just a place where you can read about my books, but also play games set in the books! As the T13 roleplaying game will be integrated into the site, with Character creators, and all that good stuff. There will also be links to patreon, and hopefully things like Google Hangouts, Discord and Mixer streams, where we can all play and chat together.

The break has also given me some ideas on how to move on with the Strange Aeons series (I had a major block in my 1st draft that I think I have resolved now), and I think I’m going to push for releasing that before Christmas, if I can get the editing and rewrites done as well as working on the new plugin.

How long will it take? I imagine you want to know. Yes, I’d quite like to know that too. It would probably go faster if WordPress would stop updating Gutenberg every five minutes and breaking previous code… In short, I don’t know. If you want to help though, you can hit paypal donations, head over to my Patreon page and pay me to do it faster (later this will become my main monetisation stream hopefully), or go and buy one of my books.