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Posted on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 13:31

Well, the website seems to be back up after a few hours of downtime.

terrible downtime report

Not brilliant numbers…


I’m not very happy with my hosting provider as they have given me 49 outages in January this year… And seem to be trying to beat that for this month.

So in an effort to get the site back up I contacting my hosting provider support. 

They told me that there was nothing wrong with my website… Which of course isn’t my website.

They also told me that I was using too much bandwidth (with 800 users a month and an average transfer of 1.47 GB/month I rather doubt that) and that my sql database was too big (91MB – hardly enormous) as well as telling me that I was using too much memory and had a high CPU usage on the site (which I can’t check personally, easily, but also rather doubt, because if they’ll lie or get confused about three things, why not five?).

Their solution to this issue was to try and sell me a Virtual Personal Server at about five times the going market rate. Which is, frankly, extortionate and ridiculous for what is essentially a tiny website in an indie author cul-de-sac of the internet, especially when I have two years of this service left before renewal.

Honestly, I think if it wasn’t for the spammers I’d hardly have any traffic at all, and certainly don’t require paying £35/month (not even dollars!) for what amounts to terrible service.

Of course there is a problem. 

They own my url of so if I was going to change provider I’d also have to alter my url. Which would be a huge pain in the butt. So instead I have applied my years of web developer knowledge to the problem and fixed it for now.

I’ve disabled a few of my plug-ins and mucked about with my WordPress config to add a little memory slack in the system, which seems to have stabilized things, and should have been the first advice they offered me, instead of blaming me for the problem.

Maybe I should stop the Tumblr reblogs, so that this site is a smaller, leaner, cleaner site… Although I will continue the posts on Tumblr itself (and should link those posts directly to my facebook page)

That said, since I adjusted the configuration I seem to have a much more stable system again. So I’ll see if I can keep the site as is, for now, unless anyone has any brighter ideas, or can offer me some clever way of running the site another way, without doubling up my Hosting costs.

In other news, I’m still working on the 1st draft of “Cyberpixies”  which is now upto Chapter 23 and going well (although I need to edit the text down for kids as the reading difficulty is too high, but that’s what 2nd draft is for isn’t it?), and a 3rd draft of the Cthriller “With Stange Aeons Book1” (although that’s largely paused while I let one of my beta readers work through the text which is taking a long time as she’s finding it too frightening…). Although, I was going for Dan Brown writes Cthulhu I seem to have got more Stephen King instead, which might be better.

I’m still also still world-building the YA post-apocalyptic dystopian novel sequence “Adaption Files” as our ongoing T13 game at the moment (which is a lot of fun), and have started subtle plans for a Paradox War sequel series called “Paradox Warriors” – which is going to take a long time to build right.

Right, well with the website up and stable again, I better get on with some writing… Later folks.


7 thoughts on “Site & Hosting Issues”

  1. I share your pain – nothing worse than website admin to detract us from doing what we really want 🙁

    I’ve recently changed my hosting provider (to the (affiliate) link on my name) – so far they seem pretty good, and a lot better than my previous host. That said – I’ve been having some issues with my back end speed and they advised that I get a professional involved…

    I’m not sure whether it’s better to be in your knowledgeable position so you know how to fix things, or whether it’s happier being in ignorance where we don’t know about the mistakes of our providers. Hmmm…actually I think I do know!

    1. CJ Moseley says:

      I’m just glad I found a work around

    2. CJ Moseley says:

      Are you using wordpress because you might benefit from one of the cache plugins I use WP Super cache which eases the burden for casual users…

      1. Yep – I use wordpress and I’m using W3 total cache, (and there’s also some sort of caching thing siteground uses too). My front end loads pretty well, it’s the wp-admin that’s slow 🙁 Takes about 10 seconds just to save a draft, even with all plugins disabled and running a standard theme.

        I think I’m just going to have to live with it, but I admit to getting a bit grumpy about it when I logg onto other WP sites and saving is almost instant!

        1. CJ Moseley says:

          Hmmm… That seems a bit slow, but at least it is saving. When my site’s having trouble it doesn’t let me log in (and my response times are always terrible. I used to use W3 total cache, but found WP Super Cache was far better (but if siteground have extra caching built in you probably wouldn’t see much benefit). Often the Admin side responds well to having : define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘96M’); inserted in the wp-config.php to give it some more memory to play with (it defaults to 32 so tripling it gives it some elbow room), but you may have to adjust your php.ini as well to raise the free memory limit.

          1. Ah that’s true – at least I’m in! My memory limit’s already at 128, though I did try increasing that to 256 but there was no noticeable change. The IT guy said something about PHP scripts taking a while to load but he couldn’t find a quick fix to that so closed the ticket!

            So I draft offline when I can, and paste it in when I’m ready. I’ m sure I’ve read an interview of yours where you suggested working on the cloud but at least where my blog’s concerned that’s just a little bit too frustrating!

          2. CJ Moseley says:

            Well it’s not that then, sounds like they would need to increase their disk cache…
            The cloud I use is Google Docs, so that I can access the files from anywhere and virtually any device. You might find that useful for your drafts. I have found that the various WordPress Apps are very good for their local drafting features, so you could try those for an improved workflow..
            Now, I really should concentrate on my writing 😀

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