Exciting Update 7/4/16

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 at 12:51

Hello there, how are you doing?

Must be pretty bored to be reading one of my updates like this… How am I doing? Fine, thanks for asking. What have I been up to? Well… I’m so glad you didn’t really ask.

The kids are off school, which means I’ve not managed to write a word on Cyberpixies all week… Which is a shame, but not a huge one as I never write much when they are around all day (the constant talking, singing, and sound effects, as well as watched videos, played video games and demands to be fed really cut my ability to focus). I have managed to put together a rough plan for my new Cthriller novel (With Strange Aeons series or Eldritch Stars I’m not sure yet) “The First Seal” so hopefully I’ll blast that out in the next few months as well as finishing up Cyberpixies first draft.

I have been planning more stuff though, quite a lot of work has been going into world-building the “Adaption Files” series, and the T13 rpg that I have been running for that has been working really well. Speaking of T13,  I’ve updated a few of the pages, pulling sections that were previously hidden in larger pages out and making them pages of their own. Hopefully, it makes things a little easier to find, and at the same time I have been able to add qualifying text and additional examples and specific rules to help make things easier for players and Refs alike (are there any other Refs out there? Drop me a tweet or comment if you’ve tried it, and let me know how it worked for you). 

The major additions so far are Lite Characters have been moved out of the NPC pages, and I’ve added in depth rules for Chronoliths and NeverTime (which used to be buried in Sway) and enhanced NeverTime to include other “Dark Moments” for your delight and players horror. Which is a bit of a coincidence as you’ll see…

Because none of that is the exciting update you were promised really, is it?

Well, there is one thing that has been happening that I am quite excited about. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with the TimeTravelNexus.com, a lovely little site all about well, time travel. Friend to me, and this site, Paul Wandason has somehow talked The powers that be, and myself, into a Site partnership. So starting quite soon (although I don’t know when exactly) you’ll see some content here that will be reblogged from my articles there.


If I get a moment I might design them one all of their own.

This isn’t their logo, they don’t have one… yet.

To start with I’m planning on serialising and expanding my Time-Travel and Paradoxes post from a few years ago making a separate post on each Paradox type and expanding the examples a bit. Then I’ll move on to look at using science to explain Time-Travel events in movies (as best as I can), trying to understand the choices the writers and directors made along the way. 

My first planned example will investigate the ending of the 1978 Richard Donner Superman blockbuster… 

Where it looks like he winds the planet Earth backwards to travel in time

You know, this one


but I plan on looking at the Back To The Future, Star Trek and Terminator franchises (of course), as well as individual movies like Primer, Looper, Source Code, Twelve Monkeys, and shows like Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel, and so on, in fact if you have an idea for a Time-Travel movie (or show) you’d like me to look at, send me a tweet or comment. 

I won’t be reviewing these movies, just investigating the science (and sci-fi tropes) in them, pulling apart the Paradoxes and the apparent impossibilities, but it will take a while to rewatch all these movies for each of these posts, so I won’t be posting more than one a month a best, even so if you want to try and get a scientific opinion on what the plop is going on in your favourite movies drop me a message and I’ll do my best to get around to it.

So that’s what I’ve been up to recently.