Back to work

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 at 19:17

Well 2013 has arrived and the world did not end, which means now the kids are back at school I started a to-do list, and immediately caught tonsillitis (I had to get a Penicillin prescription which meant a trip to a walk-in clinic — first time I’ve been to see any health care professional other than a dentist for over a decade). I won’t post a photo, but trust me my tonsils are swollen, angry and seeping.

This year I need to promote the Paradox War (An0ma1y, Cu1ture B0mb and Chronoclysm — available from Amazon for Kindle) as sales have been slow over the last few weeks, so I’m making some book trailers, and plan to rework this site to make the pages more about shifting some product and less about my blog and thoughts.

So far I’m about elbow deep in half-painted eye-candy and a little basic animation, it has been a while since I did anything so multimedia and my software and skills are rusty. So bear with me. 🙂 I’ll see about uploading the videos and pics (hmm interesting the add media button seems to be broken on mobile — I hope that gets fixed soon, I’d hate to have to link by hand) here as well as showing you the final video with music by the unbelievably great band “Lady Fortune”. Once created the videos will become the centre-pieces for a new book-centric website to promote the books directly and allow my “Paradox War” fans (no really there’s at least 3 of you now!) to find out more about the background and so on. I’ll probably hide this blog out of the way and try to make a more animated and html5 snazzy website, more like the film websites that you see about the web.

I’m also putting the finishing touches to a new Roleplaying System (the truly Omniversal RPG that the original Paradox War game ran in) and may decide its worth publishing soon (I’m still having some issues with the Plot Dæmons and working out how to explain the system to people, but I’ll get there), there will at least be sample rules and things available here sometime in 2013.

And there’s research on my next project, it’s still all a bit hush-hush right now, but is definitely going to be a steampunk influenced mosaic novel, but with hopefully more punk than steam. It may have a touch of the Gaslight Romance or Brass Goggles and moustache wax about it still, but I’m hoping an edgier punk-80s post-industrial vibe too… and I might throw in some Færies too, as well as a Sorceress Queen (Victoria or Elizabeth Regina Venefica? Wait and see).

So videos, RPG, book centric website, research – it’s going to be a busy year. But then last year I started this blog, published 3 novels and shifted over 500 units through Amazon, so expect some changes soon.

I’ll also post some pics as soon as WordPress will let me… (Improved mobile support my arse)