When Desi, a twenty-something sci­ence gradu­ate, can’t get to…

Posted on Sunday, February 5th, 2017 at 12:21

When Desi, a twenty-something sci­ence gradu­ate, can’t get to sleep one night, the last thing she expec­ted was for the Tv to explode, for her to get abduc­ted by ali­ens, or to get drawn into a tem­poral war that, some­how, is prob­ably her fault.

Dur­ing her adven­tures we also fol­low the pro­gress of two other, com­batants also drawn into this war: One is Garner a half-fey, half-human wiz­ard work­ing for a mad machine-god, and the other is a mem­ber of a spir­itu­ally rich spe­cies of shape-shifting trav­el­lers, that call them­selves the Bul­mäs, but that Desi knows by a host of other names.

We follow our three adventurers stories as they weave their way through Time and Space, through alternate histories, into the realms of the inner-world of Faery and the outer abyss, and finally right back to the beginning, fighting a war that holds the fate of Universes in the balance.

Combining Humour, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Time-Travel, Pop-culture, and Mythology into a spell-binding roller-coaster.

And free this weekend for kindle

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