Doctor Who Broke My Blog

Posted on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at 20:36

When I saw the Doctor command viewers to Google “Bootstrap Paradox” on tonight’s episode “Before The Flood” I thought,  hmm might get a few hits on my website.


Then things got silly

Then wordpress informed me of that my stats were booming…  With over 64 hits over the hour of the show,  before the stats broke. Not enough traffic to be an actual Denial of Service Attack, but enough to strain my rather clunky server.

Just goes to show the power of TV advertising as the Science-in-science-fiction post isn’t even on the first page of Google usually…

I might see more peaks as the repeats come in on that one.

Now if only I could persuade the Beeb to use the word Chronoclysm in a sentence that also has the words Paradox and War in it…  😉

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