Ironmaster session tonight!

Posted on Friday, July 25th, 2014 at 17:36

It’s that time of the month and the background world building game has finally caught up to the books. And that means that tonight, all things being well, I will finally discover how the final epic conclusion of the book is meant to go.


Seelie Faeries, human Mages, Theriocephalic Alchemical creations, Mechanimals, alchemical tinctured human mutations, versus Unseelie Faeries, goblin hordes, giants, dragons, undead, cythrauls, golems, infernals, and a river goddess (or two).

There will be epic multi-faceted combat set pieces, huge armies of weird and unusual beasts and undoubtedly the Mercari and Solos will start playing the Paradox game to try and manipulate history to gain an advantage. image
And it’s that manipulating history that will further extend the world-building that I’m going to need as I move into my 2nd Draft.

After the battle I think they are planning on leaving the Solar system, which might be nice.
At the moment, I feel the Martians are currently playing the role of Checkov’s gun, they hang there on the wall never really doing anything, although they would make for an obvious sequel. I might increase their presence in the 2nd draft, (or cut them completely) depending on what happens in the story tonight. So far the Martians have been avoided by everyone, but their technology would now let the Free Neptunians conquer the red planet if they wanted, so we might see action in that direction, which would help me decide.

But no game is forever, and I have a new project on the horizon that I want to start world-building for, so I expect in a very few sessions these Ironmaster posts will be replaced with something newer and fresher than a bunch of grapes fresh from the vine. But as always it depends on my players how long this game has got left, and what they are going to do (we are talking about the sorts of players who might now time-travel back to make sure that all those lucky escapes they had early on were not accidental).

What’s the new project? Well there seems to be a large market for Young Adult fiction with Sci-fi, fantasy and horror, so I thought that I might do something with an idea I had as a fourteen year old kid, for a dystopian epic. In my original notes which I’ve been rereading, I have found some notes on an alien species called the ‘Aarg’  or ‘Eerk’ by everyone that ever met them, metallic spider drones, giant sloths that crawl along old power lines, floating and underground cities and a Nomadic culture (that later grew into the Eelafin), as well as Sand Trolls, Technoempaths and psychokinetic mystics… Oh, what’s this? The Darwin Virus? Hmm… That sounds Interesting…