Introducing Fiona

Posted on Saturday, May 10th, 2014 at 22:00

Hi, basically I’ve been playing with my new phone and getting a handle on what it is capable of (when I use it right).  So I decided to draw a quick character portrait of one of the major recurring characters in “Ironmaster” Detective Sergeant Fiona Henry-Canute-Victoria-Henry Gordon-Setter Talbot of the Mets Unseelie Crimes division. 

Fiona is a Talbot, which means she’s from an Alchemically created race of dog-headed people.  She’s a bit of a poster girl for The Theriocephalic League, a political group that fights for equal rights for the animal-headed humans, as she’s the first Theriocephalic Detective Sergeant in the country.

So I went to Wikipedia and found a pic of a Gordon-Setter (you see, it’s in her name) and got creative with an old stock photo that I honestly can’t remember where it came from of a WPC (not from the eighties the tie is wrong and I don’t think the rank insignia are even close) and mushed the two together with my phone,  added a couple of filters and voilà:


Detective Sergeant Fiona Henry-Canute-Victoria-Henry Gordon-Setter Talbot

Not bad as a first go I’d say.  But I think I might have to pay for the right photo of a female DS in 1980s police uniform.

As for the dog head,  well that might actually have to be staged to get it perfect…

Anyway let me know what you think. 

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