WordPress app

Posted on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 at 13:49

I struggle to understand the thinking behind WordPress sometimes. The app that I use to run most of my site just will not work properly with the WordPress media library.
I can upload images, but I can’t access the uploaded images inside the app, I cannot enter descriptive text, or captions or any of that useful stuff from inside the app, nor can I access the images that I have already uploaded and use them in posts. This wouldn’t be so bad if the HTML wordpress media library worked on mobile devices, but they broke that two versions ago and still the app hasn’t replaced this “feature”.
If you are going to have an app it should do everything the web version does, or really what is the point?
I mean if I’ve uploaded an image in a post from my phone it would be nice to set it to be the featured image without uploading it again which is what the current app insists on. Why can’t add image also have a from “media library” option? Or the app have a media option in addition to posts and comments (and don’t get me started on the lack of custom post support!).

I suppose I’d better just use a PC rather than trying to be a mobile blogger!