Unexpected visitors

Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 20:28

I logged in earlier and posted a link on Reddit to my latest Science In Science Fiction post, when I popped back an hour or so later there had been a sudden surge in visits to my site. Weird thing was they were coming from Reddit but going to my RPG pages.

Turns out someone had wandered on and posted a link to my T13 RPG in the Reddit RPG section. I wouldn’t have done this myself yet, as T13 is still being developed, I have quite a lot of work still to do before its finished, like adding the background and campaign settings and finishing up the Referees pages, but since I’ve had over 80 visitors to those pages, I suppose I had better just thank the poster and all you lovely Redditors.


Now I only hope that all these extra visitors turn into a few eBook, or Tee-shirt purchases, or at least a few leave me some nice comments here…