Ironmaster Session 28/2/14

Posted on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 00:01

At the end of last month we had another Ironmaster Session, but it largely dealt with updating characters in down-time and finishing off some things from previous sessions.
Which means it’s that time again.
This session I hope that we’ll get some serious world-building done, I need to explore some historical aspects of the Regina-Venefica steampunk universe. It’s been a busy month with school holidays and lots of writing to fit in, and all that writing has raised a few quezzies…

Also, the character Mercurio and his Mentor have built a cognitive engine that packs the same kind of processing power into the same kind of space as a real human brain. Naturally enough, for the universe, the Ottoman empire’s enormous thinking machines are very interested in this technology, especially as they own the original Mechanimal patents that the brain is designed upon (they were awarded/gifted the patents after the war). They have requested the characters go to Istanbul and meet with them to discuss the terms of the licensing.

Frame: The characters need to get to Istanbul. This is a pretty arduous trek across Europe by ship, or rail. It isn’t too bad a trod though, a few skills along the silk-road for most trodders. Jack Faeburne has faster ways of making the good though, and should be able to make the leap in one very difficult step.

Loom: Weft: Having arrived the characters will be soon to a courtesy site for visiting officials, so important do the Ottoman thinking machines think they are. This is a top notch hotel.
The staff are pleasant, but there’s something going on, something that should feel creepy and a little strange.

Loom: Warp: The meeting with the minds.
I think there are three Artificial Intelligences, they should be called The Brain, The Turk (named after this one)


The original mechanical Turk that inspired the Mechanimals in 'Ironmaster' (image from

and The Philosopher. Each one has a separate personality and has differing goals for the deal with Mercurio.
The Brain. Wants to incorporate the new technology into itself, making itself more powerful by replacing its volume with the more intricate new design (although over-heating will be a problem), the Turk would like to reduce its volume with the technology so that it may become more human, able to socialize and move about Europa, The Philosopher simply wants to control the technology, it doesn’t actually want the technology for itself, instead it would like to make sure that the Ottoman’s get money from the Commonwealth’s Mechanimals, licensing the new cognitive engines is a good way of stopping the illegal trade in unlicensed Mechanimals (most western European countries don’t even register their Mechanimals properly.

Zenith: The AIs and characters will hopefully come to some kind of agreement. With some kind of licensing agreed the company can go ahead and begin licensed production and mass-production (they might remember to do some proper testing, if they remember to).

We’ll see what happens as the players get there, but there are some other things that need examining, such as how the freezing of the courts originally occurred, was it Elizabeth I or did James I do that? (According to the research Annie did on the Black-law and the Covenant of the Commonwealth, the freezing of the courts was an amendment made by James the first of England, he also created the Anti-Infernalism laws, and included the line in his bible translation of ‘Thou shalt not suffer an Infernal to live’ ).

The other major thing that happened is that Annie and Jack went back in time to the 1940s and arranged for the plans of a German device called the ‘Donderkanone’ to be stolen from the Blaupunkt factory in Berlin. Annie arranged through her Doom-weaving to have the plans arrive at her husband’s new factory in Ely Cambridgeshire.
The plans arrive with their current owner a 15 year old apprentice called Joffrey Oberwulf.

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