Working hard or hardly working?…

Posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 at 10:05

I am deep in the throes of an #amwriting push. Trying to get the first draft of Ironmaster all finished up. Yet again I think that I have decided to write a bigger book than I intended. Although unlike the Paradox War, I don’t think that I will be splitting this story.

Instead I will probably be releasing the book as a huge anthology/mosaic novel, with at least one novella length story and two or three novelettes and a good dozen short stories. This means I am probably about half way through the first draft. Some sections and stories go quickly and others are difficult and require carefully picking my way through the narrative.

All of which means that I have neglected to fill my Tumblr queues and so the daily post that occurs on this site (or twice daily when the RSS feeds go wrong) will dry up for a while. When I’m done with the writing this book, I might bring back the Science in Science-Fiction posts (as they do incredibly well drawing google users in at least once a day) and I may get rid of the Tumblr reblogs and flip the whole thing so that Tumblr becomes a broadcast platform for my stories and art during the book promotion phase.

So my current to do list reads something like:

  • Write Ironmaster first-draft
  • Try not to get distracted by Twitter/Tumblr/StumbleUpon/The interwebs, etc
  • Second and third draft the stories with editing
  • Create Ironmaster/Steampunk art to promote the book and use in the book
  • Publish Ironmaster (and paperback versions of Cu1ture B0mb and Chronoclysm)
  • Make enough sales to keep my business account solvent 😉