WordPress Plugins

Posted on Monday, August 13th, 2012 at 11:57

I was recently thinking about improvements I might make to this website. I’m determined to find the time to create my own WordPress Theme- I hate JQuery and want it off my site as much as possible… But I was also thinking about plugins that others might use.

I have an idea for an email subscription plugin that will allow people to follow an aggregated newsletter from a kindle.com address. So you would receive just the posts that happened (with maybe some linked in stories from the twitter feed) each week. – I know it’s a feature I’d like on some other blogs, so I thought I could give it a bash if enough people thought it was a good idea.

Of course I still have to find time to do these things. School holidays and therefore my children still dominate my days currently, and I’ve made very little progress on getting An0ma1y ready for Amazon publication yet (only edited chapter 1) and need to create a specific Kindle edition cover (no back cover -limited size, limited detail levels) so I already have a pretty full plate. If I get even one comment on it I’ll consider it a worth while endeavour and add it to my to do list.