Damn, feed got broken by an update

Posted on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 19:49

I’ve been hacking up a lung from the latest cold generated at the bio-weapons facility that the youngest gets educated at (or his school as he calls it), and so haven’t managed to do much writing or check the site, or even facebook, recently.

Every now and then the script that updates the site’s feed from tumblr goes wrong and says it can’t extract the text. And prints “[unable to extract full text] or something similar.
However, I’ve found that it’s a bug, it’s meant to check if the extracted data is zero length and then try a diferent method, however the default message gets dropped in automatically by the first error. This means that the text is not zero length and so it fails to try and extract a second way.

Seriously fixing a script should not involve setting an error message to =” that’s bad code anyway you cut it… Of course bad code that works is infinitely preferable to bad code that doesn’t.