Secret Cabals

Posted on Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 14:01

Just in case I go missing during my research, here’s what I know already…

The Illuminati: a secret cabal of enlightened men/mystics/billionaires who are alledged to control all human society.

The Illuminutty: A secret cabal in “American Dad” that protect the secrets surrounding the invention of peanut butter.

The Ilunamati: A secret cabal of aliens and humans living on the moon who might control human society.

The Intunemati: A not so secret cabal of musicians who use Illuminati symbols and heavily influence human societies.

The Illoonimati: A secret cabal of unenlightened idiots who we really hope don’t control anypart of human society, but suspect most political figures are at least secret, unofficial members of.

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