A quick update

Posted on Friday, January 23rd, 2015 at 23:42

I’ve been mad busy with artwork for Ironmaster for the last few weeks and haven’t stopped by much to say hi.

I’m getting about one (or on a good day two) images prepared a day (although I’ve yet to “engrave” the images into something that will suit the style of kindles and the pulpy paperback look that I’m after…) which means its going to take a few more weeks before I’m done…

I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at some of the images as they stand right now… Let me know what you think of the art styles and tone…

The Death of Dangly Dan

I know the body looks like it could be hanging from the lamppost, it is meant to be ambiguous.

Rocket ship and Alchemical war ship

Yes there are Rocket Ninjas!

A Sky-Kraken attacks a flying-ship over the coast of England

I’m still not happy with the Sky-kraken itself, but otherwise I think this is perfect.

Le Bureau D'Assassinat

Nothing says french like smoking and nothing says assassin like a hat.

A Coblynau in a mine

A proper bit of fairy-tale this one, not too dark, only a couple of people die…

Cheirosyphon Band poster

I really want to hear Cheirosyphon’s songs, if anyone wants to record them, the lyrics can be found in the stories…

Beneath the Burning Sky of Bedlam

That’s Ares in the smoke rising from the furnaces of Bedlam… Taking my artistic licensing to the max.

Awyr-Ladron Cymraeg

Air-Admiral Benbow and Friday the Squirrel relax in their cabin at the start of their adventures.

A tinker's caravan and a mechanimal horse

Quite like this one for the Uberpferd, Mechanimal horse.