New Laptop (Well to me)

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2012 at 20:51

I’ve just got a second-hand Samsung RV520, which was nice. It’s certainly faster than my 5-year old Vista thingy, but if enough people buy my book I will definitely be buying a new Laptop of my own – so go buy ‘An0ma1y‘ and start telling your friends how brilliant it is, and then you can start hassling me to complete ‘Cu17u12e 80mb‘ and ‘Web 0f Wy12d‘ and then you can all read what happens to Desi, Garner and Leucoi in the end.

Anyway the new Laptop. Windows 7 — well there are a lot of minor niggles that I really could do without, but nothing so major that I can’t adapt. My biggest problem with it is definitely the keyboard. I’m a touch typist, have been since the age of 12 (thanks Mom!) and I’ve been using the same keyboard for 5 years. Suddenly the spacing and position of some of my keys have altered dramatically. I keep hitting NUM LOCK when I want Backspace and End when I want Delete. Still though it is a shiny bit of kit and I will adapt pretty quickly.

There are a few more problems which are all software related. My copy of Photoshop CS4 will remain on the old computer. I can’t justify or afford buying a copy of CS6 unless my books fly from the shelves, so BUY my books. Instead I have download GIMP 2 and will be using that to produce my new images. So I may be blogging some GIMP articles too, although they will be relating everything back to the Photoshop — which is my preferred photo-editor.