The calm before the storm

Posted on Sunday, July 20th, 2014 at 19:59

It’s threw last Sunday before the school holidays begin and I have two stories left to draft before the kids will be at home for weeks. A time of great joy, when they will probably alternate their time between trying to kill each other and trying to kill me.  So I am trying to make some progress on the final two “chapters” of ‘Ironmaster & Other Tales‘ before I will have to put aside the laptop for weapons and perhaps a shield.


The metaphorical pen may be mightier than the sword, but I know which one I would rather try to parry a death-blow from this guy with...

So, the two stories that are left to write:

The first is the titular ‘Ironmaster’, which I intended to be the epic conclusion to the novel, but now seems to be taking on a rather more down-to-earth tack that avoids the worst excesses of fantasy warfare by concentrating on the little guys in the battle. I’m digging it so far and I hope it sparkles as a stand-alone gem as well as the conclusion of the Novel.

The final story for the book will act as a reprisal/coda/epilogue revisiting the various characters from the stories after the war. Which should be a gentle wind down to leave the reader with a nice warm feeling after the end of the war.

We also have the world-building session coming up on Friday which will further deepen the background before I start work on the second drafts and extras like pictures, propaganda posters for the Crown, SCRATCH, MAAA and Theriocephalic League, air-ship models, imaginary band logos, album covers & tee-shirt designs and all that jazz. Anyone wanting to pitch in can contact me and will get free access to the 1st Draft to help them along.


More photos like this to make!

Right, better get on with it then…

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