So I’m a sole trader now…

Posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 13:58


Yup, it must be true Barclays even sent me a PINSentry so I can login securely and check my current balance of £0.00 —as soon as I can get “An0ma1y” finished and uploaded that should slowly change though… Probably very slowly as even this blog sees less traffic than the route across a Salopian field to my parent’s house. Ah well, build it and they will come IS somewhat true on the Interwebs, if I keep fresh and interesting content traffic should eventually build. But what should I write about?

I guess I should try blogging about the things my book is actually about, UFOs, Time travel, Aliens, shapeshifters, Dæmons (or Daimons if you prefer), Færies (or Fairies), changelings, dragons, magic, magick, mythology, theology, physics, sociology and psychology. Better start writing then :D