Scottish government agencies move to block expansion of Trump’s unprofitable golf courses

Posted on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 18:16


Trump’s Scottish golf courses are hemorrhaging money (they lost $1.8M in 2015) and the only way they can be profitable is if they’re allowed to expand, but that’s almost certainly not going to happen.

That’s because Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage have said they’ll officially object to the planning variances that Trump would need to expand the businesses. Trump bought his plots of land without bothering to understand the planning restrictions that governed them, and then just tried to doze his way through the rules to get what he wanted.

But Trump’s plans – building massive, squalid timeshare units – are incompatible with the existing land-use plans and those can’t be easily changed; what’s more the environmentally sensitive nearby dunes keep kicking up sand-storms that render his courses unplayable, and the dunes can’t be touched without disturbing protected habitats.

Of course, with Brexit flaming away like the stacked effluent of English hope, I wouldn’t bet against Trump’s golf course, just yet. It’s amazing the things a Tory government will do for Billionaires who hold Trade negotiation rights.

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