Emergency commission

Posted on Saturday, December 17th, 2016 at 14:30



Hi everyone!!

I need your help now to raise money. My husband’s computer broke down today, is a little old one, and he is pretty sad. He work as freelance 3D modeler for video games, and without his computer he can not  work. 

The problem is we are pretty short on money, because in june we moving from Chile to Vancouver (i’m going to study there) and we have had many expenses buying tickets, paying visas, etc… so we are out of money. 

So, i’m opening a lot of commission slots, to raise $1500 and can buy him a new computer. He always support me in every of my ideas and plans, so i want help him now.

So the price list is this (Any extra donation will be grateful):

– Bust: $10 (couple $15)

– Medium Shot $25 (couple $35)

– Full body: $50 (couple $75)

– Add Background, charge extra
– Hard armors or difficult desings, charge extra

(Check my tumblr for more art)

Also, i’m open to comic gig if any of you want to hire me (short comics, preferably, ask me about my rates)

If any of you want ask him for a 3D model, just check his art here!

If you can’t ask for a commission, you can share this info and help me to reach more people to achieve the goal.

Thanks a lot!


I’ll look into it, MJ! 

Anyone need an artist for a character design or what not?