sixpenceee:New Horror App: Night TerrorsIf you scare easily,…

Posted on Monday, August 29th, 2016 at 13:30


New Horror App: Night Terrors

If you scare easily, then this game is probably going to give you nightmares.

A group of computer game developers are creating a new augmented reality mobile phone game that turns your home into a fight for survival against demons and zombies.

The game, called Night Terrors, uses your smartphone’s camera, GPS and accelerometer to build up a map of your home. As the player walks around their home at night, with only the LED on their camera to light their way, ghouls and monsters appear overlaid onto their surroundings on the camera’s display.

The team behind the game, Novum Analytics, said it wants to create the world’s most realistic augmented reality computer game. (Source)

Sounds like a blast…