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Posted on Sunday, August 14th, 2016 at 13:30


Tips and tricks

Love these.

Years ago I was in a game with a guy who had no experience with roleplaying. I was playing a barbarian outcast, he was playing an outcast noble with lots of cash and no experience. We went shopping and I made him buy armour, sword, bow, etc. Then we reached the ropes, iron spikes, and ten foot pole.
I made him buy and carry the ten-foot pole, and we used it for everything. Mapping, measuring, fishing, punting a raft, we even tied the first goblin we found in a dungeon and pushed him around the dungeon as a ‘make-shift elf’. The iron spikes were used amongst other things to wedge a door, secure a rope, and pin a zombie to the ground so he could take the killing blow.
Every time any of these (or the many others) occurred I’d point it out like it was the sage advice of barbarian elders, like:

“Hrunthra, first chief of the Crow tribe learned this great lesson, that we preserve to this day, knack their caster first.”