Will the real blog please stand up.

Posted on Monday, May 27th, 2013 at 18:00

I don’t understand WordPress. The separation between .com and .org should have gone with the integration of Jetpack on my site, but I find that it makes little impact.

My Reblog blog at https://cjmoseley.wordpress.com gets more followers than my actual blog on https://cjmoseley.co.uk because I can’t persuade wordpress to treat my wordpress site as a wordpress blog. Conversely my Reblog site gets next to no search traffic…

It kind of sucks, I mean the fact that I had to use a Reblog blog to provide an rss source for me to Reblog out of WordPress.com is one thing, but its starting to look like I need to work out a way of cross posting my blog back into WordPress.com to stand a chance of being noticed and read by other bloggers. My Reblog followers don’t get to read any of my new posts, they don’t get to read my stories, and most of them no nothing about my books… I’ve posted this through that blog so that they can get the links to the real blog and see what they are missing, but they shouldn’t have to.

Why is this so complicated, surely Jetpack should be able to handle the cross posting, and WordPress should be able to understand the concepts of a primary blog and a secondary one (I know I’m not the only person who runs more than one blog- although I might be the only one using the others as feeds to my actual site… nah can’t be surely)

Why can’t the Jetpack “publicise” be better integrated so that if I post a comment, the associated link is to my site and not my wordpress blog, is that so hard to achieve considering it is all WordPress technology?

If you have followed my Reblog blog check out my real blog, https://cjmoseley.co.uk
It’s lots prettier and has way more features.