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Posted on Friday, July 18th, 2014 at 08:28

Sure post it if you like…
Happy to help any author out with a review (if you think it does).

The Orange Marches and Oranage men are big part of the Irish ‘troubles’, with yearly reminders occurring in Ireland and any city with a sizeable Irish immigrant population. Such as my native Liverpool and Scottish cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh, and since I’ve lost family to both sides of the troubles it was immediately where my thoughts went on reading the words Orange Gang in a story set in Scotland (initially). So I assumed it was another religious reference when I first read it, it wasnt until later that the actual nature of the gang was explained, but by that point the connection was made.

I didnt want to post any spoilers but… Actually the religious views held by Sacha are openly described as probably affecting his relationship with his sister if he’d known. But to the best of my knowledge the Russian Orthodox Church (as opposed the the Government) has little to say on stable lesbian relationships (which dont even get a mention in the bible), but a lot to say on male homosexuality and promiscuity. It was an unnecessary mention and threw a slight wobbler in the end of the story for me. Vibeke makes a similar comment which is especially odd bearing in mind that the bible is Vibs only quoted source for making the comment.

But those really were minor, minor grumbles. The book is excellent, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it (C: