An0ma1y is almost finished…

Posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 at 21:24

Okay, so it’s not really news as such, but I think I’ve finished the final revisions. I’m going to finalize the little details (like hand-crafting the .mobi html / adding X-ray functionality / making a new cover image exclusively for Amazon and so on) get my Kindle to read the text out-loud to me from start to finish – hopefully catching any final problems that my recent edits have created (perils of being a dyslexic author I guess).

Which will mean that I will be able to get on with writing something else for a bit, before I start the final revisions of ‘Cu17u12e 80m6‘.

Don’t worry, I have LOTS of ideas, I’m planning on throwing together some blog posts on a few subjects (UFOs for the first one, then maybe something on shape-shifters), I’ve still got half of ‘Second Shadow‘ waiting on the hard-drive to complete (and another couple of Paradox War related ideas after that) and then I’ve got a whole bundle of short story and ‘next novel’ sequence ideas that I really have to prioritize (how do you decide what to write next? The one that burns its way out fastest is the one I work on normally, I’m sure other writers have other ways of deciding – if you are a writer how do you decide what to write next?).

Well that’s me, I better get back on the treadmill, later you lonely, loyal reader.