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Posted on Friday, August 5th, 2016 at 13:30



Copy-pasting a comment from Satellite News: 

YouTube has a Crave interview with the new cast and Joel, that spills a few more beans. The TLDR version is:

* The show will air in early 2017.

* The movies will be entirely from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and one from the 90’s. We can expect standard MST3K fare, but because of the way people watch television now, they have gone for movies that have widescreen prints and are in somewhat better condition. (so not as many scratches, bad sound, etc.) The widescreen-only thing probably also means no more made-for-TV movies and stitched together TV episodes, which does make me a little sad, since those were often my favorites.

* Continuity-wise, the show will continue on as season 11. It’s not a reboot or going to pretend that the other previous seasons didn’t happen, or there have been 3 other hosts we didn’t see between Mike and Jonah, in case anyone was worried about that sort of thing.

* The Invention Exchange will be back.

* Jonah will work for Gizmonic Institute.

* Jonah will have a slightly different dynamic with the bots than Mike and Joel did. According to Jonah, Crow and Tom have decided they don’t like him and are just going to wait until they send up the next guy.

* Tom Servo will still sing.

* There will be classic callbacks. (As Jonah says, sometimes you see a karate chop, and you just have to say “Hi-keeba!”)


Joy. MST3K is coming back!