How to Write Kiss Scenes

Posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016 at 14:30


So an anon asked us to give some tips for kiss scenes…and I’m gonna give it a try!

Rule #1: Before

What happens before they kiss. Is there a conversation going on? An emotional reunion? An intimate moment? Describe what the characters are doing to lead up to the kiss or to them wanting to kiss.

Rule #2: Eye Contact

What are they looking at? Each other? The ground? The sky? Eyes are the gateway to the soul, remember? Use that to your advantage. How are they looking at each other. What do they feel when they do?

Rule #3: Body Language

How are they moving? Describe what character is doing what. Are they jittery or calm? Happy or sad? What emotions are showing through their body language? Who leans in first? Where are their hands??

Rule #4: The Kiss

Now for the big thing. How do they go into the kiss? Is it fast or slow at first? Does one grab the other’s face or is it mutual and they both lean in till their lips touch. Explain how their lips meet then show what kind of kiss it is! Is it awkward? Sloppy? Romantic? Fierce? Angry? Sad? DESCRIBE is the most important thing in this because you want to let the reader know what is going on and what is happening. Are they making out? Is it a peck? How long does it last, but don’t make any kiss too long and too detailed. We don’t need gross stuff guys…Well let’s say we don’t need three whole pages of just these two making out.

Rule #5: Afterward

What happens now? The kiss is done. It’s happened. How have they reacted? Are they shocked? Angry? In love? Explain what they’re feeling after this. Are they feeling exposed in a way or awkward? Is there sexual tension or any tension at all? Do they say anything or does one run away. This is an important step just like the others because it is still full of feeling.

After this you have succeeded in making two characters show some affection 🙂 not every kiss scene is the same but for big ones I usually focus on those rules and they’re pretty helpful.

Hope I helped! Happy writing!

Great tips for writing kisses, from pecks to snogs.